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Rock climbing 

Living in Las Vegas provides one of the most incredible venues to work as a climbing guide.  I have been fortunate enough to team with Red Rock Climbing Guides, the only local guiding outfit in Las Vegas, to share awesome experiences of climbing with people from around the world.  If you have ever wanted to climb in Red Rocks, look no further.  

My favorite part about guiding, is sharing skills and information with climbers who are going to use and apply that knowledge out on their own.  Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience and want to learn new tactics, I welcome everyone to get in touch.

Big Wall Climbing and Clinics

Over the last 10 years, I have fallen in love with life in the vertical world.  When I first set foot in Yosemite I knew that I wanted to climb El Capitan.  After submersing myself in big wall climbing, I am proud to say I have done nearly 50 ascents of El Capitan on 30 different routes, as well as dozens more ascents around the globe.  I have climbed big walls in all styles, from 14 day arctic adventures that leave you questioning your sanity, to speed ascents that were over before you realized you had begun.

More than any other type of climbing, big wall climbing is a teachable, technical set of skills best taught and practiced close to the ground, and then quickly applied in the big vertical world.  I have been teaching big wall clinics for four years now and seen many of those people go on to climb some of the greatest multi-day routes in the country.  Nothing makes me happier than to share my information and see people succeed because of it.

If you want to learn to big wall climb, or perfect your different big wall systems, look no further.  Red Rocks and other nearby venues are ideal locations to practice and learn these skills, we have all the terrain needed to learn the ins and outs of big wall climbing right here.

photo: Gabriel Mann

photo: Gabriel Mann

Mountain and Climbing Preparation

I constantly strive to improve my skills as a mountain athlete.  While climbing is my primary focus I never like to pin myself down to a single event, I have always tried to be a 'jack of all trades' not just within climbing, but within mountain athletics in general.  In climbing there are so many disciplines to master: bouldering, sport, traditional, big wall, alpine.  Additionally I love to ski and run, so I never limit myself to (trying to) master a single skill, I strive to succeed at them all.

I have always been most inspired by the true mountain athletes who dominate all sports, who can climb at a high level on rock, ski the sickest couloirs, climb 8000m peaks, boulder hard, climb big walls and anything else they set their mind too.

If you have goals in the mountains but need some guidance preparing for them, I can help.  Las Vegas and Red Rocks is one of the best places to prepare, long approaches, big climbs, sport climbing, some gym time. Combining all these things together and with a lot of hard work, I have been able to see big gains for myself and hope you can too.