Google Street View - El Capitan Street View with 360 photo Spheres

  • This was an amazing project teaming with Google and Sender Films.  I worked as the lead rigger and was in charge of safety when in the vertical world.  I'm proud to have played a roll in this amazing project.

Zenyatta Mondatta - El Capitan - Yosemite Valley - California

  • This video, by Dave Coy, shows myself, Skiy DeTray, and Cheyne Lempe doing what we love: going light, climbing fast and having fun on El Capitan.  Here we tackle a new speed record on the classic route Zenyatta Mondatta. (featured to the right)

Misty Mountain - The Jetstream Wall

  • This video, by Action in Solitude, features one of my favorite routes in Red Rocks, Nevada.  A climb I have enjoyed several times with many different friends.

Baffin Island - Deconstructing Jenga


Alpinist Online - Patience and the Dragon: Fitz Roy

Moja Gear interview

New York Times - The Heart Stopping Climbs of Alex Honnold

  • During the 7 in 7 on El Capitan there were reporters a plenty, all curious to talk with Alex, the famed free soloist.  I got to ride his coat tails a little in this NYT piece about his incredible climbing.  It was nice to get a shout out!

Other Big News

Epic TV: Operation Hooker

  • This was an awesome project and incredible trip helping to create an amazing new back country big wall free route with two of the most talented free climbers I know.

Alpinist NewsWire: The 7 in 7 by David Allfrey

  • The news wire I wrote following the 7 in 7

Climbing Magazine: The Triple Link Up, Yosemite Valley

  • Cheyne Lempe and I were the third party to climb the three largest walls in Yosemite Valley in sub-24 hours.  At 22h58m it was no small feat.