Quickly Approaching

Mouse 1

It seems to me that big trips start as an idea.  Usually at it’s inception it seems like a crazy idea, an impossibility.  Planning begins, details are squared away and you stare at photos.  The idea takes shape, but it still looks like a picture on the computer screen.  

The days go by, tickets are purchased, gear is ordered, and it begins to feel more real.  The idea that was months away comes closer, six months away becomes one month then one week then one day away.  Gear is spilled all over the floor, packed into bags, weighed, unpacked, repacked, weighed again, and finally sealed tight for the final time.  
But the trip is still an idea.  It remains that way until standing at the base of the mountain.  When you are finally staring at the real version of the photos that you have been looking at for months it becomes real.  
That moment is growing closer.  The countdown is on, the idea will become a reality and the hard work begins 
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