The Blue Beast - A Tribute

The Blue Beast
Two years ago I fell in love with a car, a van to be specific, a blue 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia.  Well, not quite a Westfalia, it’s a Weekender, it has a pop-top, but no kitchen, any VW connoisseur would recognize the difference.  This van has been through some pretty awesome adventures.  

The van at home.
It’s been stuck, it’s broke down, it’s been fixed, it’s driven eighteen hours straight, its gone off road where no van belongs, it’s been in the snow, ice, the rain, high winds, oh the high winds its seen.  Over the last twenty five thousand miles of my life, from California to Wyoming and everywhere between, it has gotten me around and been my home.

The van lives in this campsite.
Jack likes the van
Grandma likes the van
Carmen loves the van.
Abby loves the van (but can't drive it yet).
Ben's Ganesh now lives in the van.
Sometimes I see awesome sunsets in the van.
Sometimes we drink really good wine in the van.
I make a lot of coffee in the van.
Wal-Mart bivy and morning coffee session in the van.
The van goes to Vedauwoo
Brr. Says the van.
Sam and I got really snow storm day drunk in the van.
Awesome views during the snowstorm while trapped in the van.
The van has room for many.
Backgammon in the van
The van in the desert.
Uh oh, it snowed on the van.
Carmen can drive the van.
The van does icy roads
We weather the storm in the van.
Luke can cook anything in the van.
I think while I drive the van.
The van gets the middle of nowhere...
I manage to take awesome pictures from the van.
The van gets hot in January in Joshua Tree.
Modelo & Backgammon rest day in the van.
I tell Carmen how much I love her, next to the van.
Day party in the van.
Day reading in the van.
Hoola-hoop by the van.
Sometimes I get crazy in the van.