Eldorado Canyon Colorado

I've been climbing in Eldo a lot this winter.  It has been exciting.  It is just the kind of climbing I love most, technical, both in climbing and protection, bold, dare I say scary.  I have really been able to challenge my body and mind while climb there.  It has been addicting and I can't seem to get enough.

I recently had an amazing day with my friend Max (I have had several, but this one yielded awesome photos), so I thought I would share...

Shoe up

pull pull

Gear?  Well, there isn't any.

Got some gear, it's there.

Max entering the SuperSlab
All smiles.

As you can see, it's a long approach from the road.
Hmm. A little gear.

Stem it wide.

Turn the lip.
Enter the Psycho Pidgeon!

All the pretty colors..

That hold sucks.

Fancy feet going into the crux.

ohhh ahhh! More chalk!
Max loves it.
Our friend Coury joined the route just below us.  I got some photos

With the crack transfer.


It could be 5.12 or it could be 5.9!
The summit leads to a wonderful sharp de-proach pitch.

On the decent we found this chunk of stone.  I had to climb it.
What's up!? What's down!?